VTR0524 - Hurricane Pedestal Trumpet Vase - 23.75"

VTR0524 - Hurricane Pedestal Trumpet Vase - 23.75"

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23.75 in
04.75 in

Introducing our exquisite collection of Trumpet Glass Vases, a symphony of elegance and versatility that will elevate any space. Crafted to perfection, these vases come in a diverse range of styles, sizes, and designs, offering you endless possibilities to create stunning centerpieces and showcase exquisite floral arrangements.

With heights ranging from 16 to 36 inches, our Trumpet Glass Vases offer a graceful and commanding presence. Whether you're aiming for a subtle touch or a grand statement, these vases cater to your needs with their varied dimensions. The range allows you to play with height and composition, enabling you to curate visually captivating displays that draw attention and admiration.


  • Top Diameter: 4.75" (120mm)
  • Height: 23.75" (600mm)
  • Base Width: 4.75" (120mm)


Quality - Crafted with precision and care, each vase in our collection exudes quality and sophistication. The clarity of the glass ensures that every intricate detail of your floral arrangement is visible, allowing the colors and textures to shine. The trumpet shape provides stability for even the most elaborate bouquets while adding an elegant touch that complements the blossoms.

Functionality - Whether you're adorning a dining table, mantlepiece, or event space, our Trumpet Glass Vases promise to be the focal point of attention. Elevate your décor game with these stunning vessels that encapsulate the marriage of form and function, artistry and practicality. Redefine your space with the magic of flowers and the timeless beauty of our trumpet vases.

Design - The allure of our Trumpet Glass Vases lies in their minimalist silhouette, which effortlessly blends with an array of design aesthetics. From contemporary interiors to timeless classical settings, these vases harmonize with any environment, enhancing the visual appeal without overwhelming the space. Their clean lines and refined form lend themselves beautifully to various themes, providing a canvas for your creative vision to come to life.


VTR0524 - Hurricane Pedestal Trumpet Vase - 23.75"

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